Machine Learning Researcher/Engineer

In the Artificial Intelligence Center FEE CTU (or as we shortly call it AIC) we will welcome a Machine Learning (ML) expert who will help us develop our AI research. If you consider the machine learning field your home and like to get the hang of riddled puzzles, we will love each other. Whether you are attracted to science or engineering tasks, there is a place for you in AIC. We implement Machine Learning into several activities and it is never separated from reality – ML methods are always used in the context of specific topics such as robotics, optimization, safety, and many other technological areas. What will your job be like As an ML researcher/engineer, you will become an integral part of one of our research teams. You can choose from robotics, game theory, planning and other topics (depending on which area you are the fondest of). Thanks to your good knowledge of ML or Deep Learning, you will work to cooperate on solving the challenges that our research faces. Or you will come up with your own that you'd like to crack. And now ML a little more specifically If you prefer machine learning rather than your morning coffee, you may be most attracted to the team of Honza Drchal, who made ML his number one research topic. For example, he works on the analysis of news reports and, together with journalists and NLP professionals, creates algorithms that can automatically summarize newspaper texts, segment and classify pdfs, and even recognize fake news. He also deals with software stack recommender to optimize the configuration of software dependencies using neural networks. In addition to those, he also works with recognizing operational anomalies using logs and tracing data to automate cluster management. In robotics, we use ML for route planning. Work will be easy for you if...
  • You know how to code in Python and C / C ++ (we are also crazy about the not very widespread Julia, to which we will happily introduce you),
  • you know the usual ML frameworks,
  • you have a lot of experience with ML and deep learning,
  • you understand some other areas close to ML (CV, NLP, optimization, reinforcement learning, time series, generative models, etc.) and if you came across computer science during your studies (ideally as part of your master's degree, but that is not a requirement).
Room for your own ideas The topics and activities described above are just a small sample of how we use ML in our research. With your arrival, our scope can be expanded. When we feel the research potential in some problems, we go for it! What do you get in return? What we appreciate the most about AIC is the inspirational environment of a top research center. You will also have the convenience of working in smaller teams where everyone knows what they are doing and where your boss is at your fingertips. You can also get excited about traveling to attractive conferences abroad. We are a university, so we pay attention to further education (including regular internal seminars). An unlimited supply of coffee and meal vouchers is a matter of course. You will find a use for the vouchers in countless great restaurants in the vicinity. And we cannot forget 6 weeks of paid vacation! We are working on Charles Square, so the perfect transport accessibility of the city center is another obvious advantage. We also offer favorable salary conditions that you would not expect in a state institution. Sounds good? Message us at Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. and come say hi!