Assistant – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Research focus

The intention of Calliditas s.r.o., for the fulfillment of which the planned transfer of knowledge is of fundamental importance, is to create a software tool for data collection and evaluation using virtual reality and to expand the company's product range with this tool. The creation of a new SW tool will be based on the knowledge of the beta version of VRC SW. The content of the SW module is based on the method for data collection and evaluation via the CA method ( This patented method is an innovative approach in measuring individual and group attitudes. The implemented CA method consists of a diagnostic tool that uses a palette of eight colors and calibrated sets of words, images and videos, and an evaluation tool.

Job description

The scope of work will be:

  • Study and analysis of current educational practices through technological innovations and, preferably, through CoR tools
  • Study and analysis of trends and modern tools for the development of robust software for VR
  • Analysis and selection of suitable technologies, tools and software solutions for the system of implementation of heatmaps in VR
  • Design of eye-tracking implementation for the created SW
  • Design of components for data mining from VR eye tracking technologies
  • Design of structure and design of interface for data transfer between computing core and devices for presentation of virtual reality
  • Implementation of an interface for data transfer between the computing core and the virtual reality presentation device
  • Co-operation in testing
  • Revision of procedures according to the evaluation report
  • Preparation and management of the final seminar, elaboration of the project report and manual

Qualification requirements:

  • Completed master or doctoral studies (field of mechanical engineering, with a focus on industrial engineering or mechanical engineering technology) with limited work experience (max. up to 6 years)
  • Sufficient knowledge of technology and technological processes
  • Sufficient knowledge of virtual reality and software development
  • Ability to independently solve problems during the project
  • Knowledge of English at B2 level, knowledge of another language an advantage
  • Knowledge of working in MS Office

Important and useful information

  • number of positions available: 1
  • employment will be arranged for: a fixed period
  • job status: full-time
  • place of work: Pilsen
  • expected commencement of employment: 01. 06. 2021

Required form application

  • Cover letter in the Czech language
  • Structured curriculum vitae in the Europass format (see in the Czech and English languages ​​(3 files marked: Name_Surname_Description, CVČJ, CVAJ) send electronically under the title of the message “Assistant - Knowledge transfer ”to the address: Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.

All received applications will be assessed by an expert committee.