RESEARCH GROUP LEADER POSITION „High-performance materials and coatings for the industry“

The director of CEITEC, Brno University of Technology is opening a

Research Group Leader Position in the field of: „High-performance materials and coatings for the industry“


We are seeking an outstanding applicant for the academic position of research group leader. The applicant will have already gained research experience to realize his/her own research project and qualified for the leadership of an independent research group in the field of Materials Science mostly overlapping with industrial applications. We are looking for an expert interlinking the fields of advanced materials, functional coatings, and modern industrial manufacturing technologies. Specifically, in the areas of advanced materials for additive manufacturing and thermal spraying with functional properties (low thermal conductivity, thermoelectricity, physisorption, chemisorption, catalysis, etc.). Practical experience and skills in additive manufacturing (such as fused deposition modelling, direct ink writing, and stereolithography) and coating technologies (flame spray, twin wire arc spray, atmospheric plasma spray, and high-velocity oxyfuel spray), and materials characterization techniques are necessary.

The successful candidate must hold a Ph.D. degree (Associate Professor is an advantage) in a relevant field and should demonstrate:

  • Background in mechanical engineering and materials science, specifically in thermal spray coatings technology, electrochemistry, materials manufacturing (additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy, casting, machining, welding, grinding, heat treatment, surface treatments, supercritical drying, etc.), coating materials and technologies, and materials characterization.
  • At least 12 years of research experience (including international) after completing his/her doctorate.
  • Outstanding subject competence and proven track record of high-quality scientific productivity as judged by publications in high-impact peer-reviewed journals.
  • Success in obtaining extramural research funding ensuring the annual budget of a minimum of 5 mil. CZK (i.e. approx. 200,000 EUR) for the following two or more years, which has already been contracted to the benefit of CEITEC, or is, subject to funding conditions, transferable to CEITEC.
  • At least 10-year of experience with teaching and supervision of undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Experience in supervising other scientists and Ph.D. students (at least 5 defended Ph.D. students).
  • Ability to exploit CEITEC BUT core facilities and laboratories.
  • Evidence of successful cooperation on contractual research with industry including also joint projects.
  • Cooperation with national and international academic institutes (proved by joint papers and projects).
  • Experience with evaluation of projects dealing with basic and applied research.
  • Experience with seminars, workshops, and international conferences organization.
  • Membership in some professional societies and expert committees.

An interest in close collaboration with local experimental groups is essential. We will offer an international environment and benefits in line with your experience. The position is available from March 2022.

Your application should include (state the data related to you as a potential group leader, not to the whole existing research group or team, except the last bullet point):

  • CV incl. detailed description and documents of training, and summary of academic experience including teaching,
  • personal research career – research focus and area, the definition of targets, placement and reputation in the international community within a similar/related field, placement within the CEITEC programme, key collaborations (within and outside CEITEC), interdisciplinarity, and other information considered relevant,
  • list of publications (separate listings of original research papers, reviews, book chapters),
  • number of publications and their distribution according to intellectual proportion (corresponding author/co-author), and quality (Tier 1, 5, 10, 25),
  • number of citations without self-citations, h-index,
  • list of obtained research grants (name, topic, funding source, amount),
  • reprints of selected top publications (5 at maximum),
  • current positions of former postdocs and students,
  • others: number of invited lectures, number of application outcomes (patents), commercial cooperation, prestigious awards, and distinctions,
  • description of up to 5 most significant results/activities with at least one not being a scientific result – e.g. organization of a conference, participation in an expert committee, contribution to CEITEC development/governance/public awareness, etc. - up to 1 page with a short paragraph for each result,
  • contact for at least two potential referees who are not members of CEITEC,
  • for the whole research group: research plan and visions for next 5 years incl. financial considerations and usage of CEITEC CF and laboratory equipment (max. 2 pages).

Applications must be received by February 10th, 2022, to ensure consideration. Please submit your application by e-mail to Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript. and quote the “RGL 1 - High-performance materials” in the subject.