G4G conference responds to global events and extends the range of topics

Renowned plant biotechnology experts Alan Schulman and Gary Vallad, who study pathogen biology, disease epidemiology and plant-pathogen interactions, will be the main guests at the international Green for Good VI conference, this time with the subtitle Global Challenges. CATRIN and the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) are organising the conference in Olomouc from September 12-15, which will also mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Gregor Johann Mendel, the founder of genetics.

The conference will traditionally bring together experts in plant biotechnology, genome editing of economically important crops, etc. However, in line with the conference subtitle, the issues of bioeconomy and circular economy, energy harvesting and storage in biological systems, the Green Deal, the fight against climate change and more have been added.

"The programme will be divided into seven sessions. We are responding to current societal challenges and want to enable experts from the respective fields to inform each other about their latest results and perhaps jointly seek a path towards a more sustainable future. The programme will also include a panel discussion on sustainable agriculture and food production as well as a poster session," said Karolina Zavoralová from CATRIN on behalf of the organisers. 

The opening lecture will be given by Alan Schulman from the University of Helsinki, who currently serves as President of the European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO). "His group uses genetics, genomics and cell biology to understand the processes of genome dynamics. He and his colleagues are also looking at drought tolerance and other sustainability traits in barley and broad beans. His research group plays a central role in the faba bean and oat pangenome projects, as it did previously for the Brachypodium and barley reference genomes," introduced the guest speaker Ivo Frébort, Head of CATRIN-CRH and EFB Vice President. 

The keynote speaker is Gary Vallad from the University of Florida, whose research focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases common in both vegetables and ornamentals, with an emphasis on the development and implementation of bio-based disease management strategies. "His research uses both traditional and modern approaches to study pathogen biology, disease epidemiology and plant-pathogen interactions. In the keynote lecture, he will talk about applied genomics and green biotechnology," Zavoralova added.

Like scientists around the world, the conference participants will commemorate this year's anniversary associated with the personality of G. J. Mendel.  Jitka Brůnová Lachmann will exhibit a painting dedicated to the founder of genetics and other pieces of art inspired by natural sciences during the conference.

The G4G conference has been held in Olomouc since 2011. Green for Good VI will take place in the building of the UP Faculty of Law. More detailed information is available at https://www.efbiotechnology.org/g4g, where it is still possible to register.