In Paris, you’d stay in school from the morning to midnight, otherwise you were considered lazy

As a child, she wanted to be a flight attendant. She just wanted to fly a lot. That eventually materialised, although she makes her living as a film director, editor and scriptwriter. Andrea Sedláčková shuttles between Paris and Prague very often. She was involved, among other films, in a Václav Havel documentary as well as feature films such as Musím tě svést and Fair Play. She reveals what studies at FAMU brought her and how they compare with those at FEMIS in Paris (and much more) in a video interview with Vojtěch Klinger.

She was appointed to the rank of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in France. Yet, she still comes back home to write and make films for “her own” Czech audience.

She studies scriptwriting and dramaturgy at FAMU in 1986–1989. Then, in 1989, she emigrated for France where she was granted asylum on 17 November 1989 and went on to study directing and editing at FEMIS in Paris. She makes her living in France as a feature film editor and has worked on more than forty films. In the Czech Republic, she works as a scriptwriter and both feature and documentary film director, and she has released two novels.