Actors need courage these days

She did not always want to be an actress. However, she grew up in an actors’ family and the magic of theatre appealed to her so strongly that she decided to study at DAMU and became an actress eventually.

She has played a number of roles in the National Theatre, shone in Bohdan Sláma’s film Shadow Country, and created hew own show as the author of the monodrama based on Anna Bolavá’s book Do tmy (Into the Darkness), playing the leading (and only) role. What is it like when you have to put yourself on the line and act alone even though you have never craved attention? Actress Magdalena Borová speaks about this and more in a video interview with Vojtěch Klinger.

She became a member of the National Theatre’s dramatic troupe before graduating from DAMU and played many roles. Examples include Thomasina Coverly in Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, Marcela in Lope de Vega’s Dog in the Manger and Luisa in Schiller’s Intrigue and Love.

In 2020 she played Marie in Bohdan Sláma’s Shadow Country. Her performance earned her the Czech Film Critics’ Award for the Best Actress. She also won a Czech Lion Award for the Best Lead Actress in the same year.